35 Digital Painters you shouldn’t miss


Maybe you already noticed it: I’m not the only one who paints digitally. There are many other digital artists around. Digital Artists who really paint with their computer. Most of them work as Illustrators or Concept Artist. Here are 35 Websites that will show you whats possible with a graphics tablet.

Sons of the Storm

The Website of Samwise Dider, Chris Metzen and other Artists who are working for Blizzard.

Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier

Concept Designer born in France, living in Texas.

Jason Chan

American Concept Artist and Illustrator.

Xiaoye Chen

Digital Concept Artist and Illustrator.

Justin “Nivbed” Cherry

Digital Painter

Ryan Church

Digital Concept Artist, Painter and Illustrator who has worked for many movies like Star Wars and War of the Worlds.

Marko Djurdjevic

German Illustrator currently working for Marvel.

Thierry “BARoNTiERi” Doizon

Concept Artist currently working for Eidos in Montreal for Deus Ex III.

Alexander Draude

German Student and Illustrator.

Yanick “Dusso” Dusseault

Digital Matte Painter and Illustrator.

Dominic Eise

German Student and Illustrator.

Jon Foster

Classic Illustrator who works mainly digital.

Philippe “HPX-1” Guyenne

French Concept Designer

George Hull

A Concept Artist and Illustrator who has worked for Matrix and other Movies.

Francis Hsu

A native-born Taiwanese Concept Artist living in the United States.

Niklas “Prometheus” Jansson

Digital Painter from Sweden with a unique style, who is really into videogame fanart.

Andrew “Android” Jones

American Digital Concept Artist.

Jaime “Artpad” Jones

American Digital Painter.

Ian Kam

American Digital Illustrator with a vintage style.

Nic Klein

German Illustrator working among other things for Marvel.

Vance Kovacs

Digital Painter.

David “Vyle” Levy

Concept Artist.

Daniel “digitaldecoy” Lieske

German Digital Illustrator and Concept Artist.

Izzy “Cannibal Candy” Medrano

Digital Concept Artist and Illustrator.

Craig “Goodbrush” Mullins

The godfather of digital painting. You really shouldn’t miss this one.

Anry Nemo

Russian Digital Illustrator.

Scott Robertson

American Concept Artist and Digital Painter.

Dan Dos Santos

An American Illustrator, who does a lot of work for Games, Trading Cards and Books.

Mattias “mon” Snygg

Swedish Concept Artist who is currently working for Starbreeze.

Steven Stahlberg

Most of his work is rendered in 3d. But there are also some digital paintings, which than look like they where rendered in 3d.

Aaron St. Goddard

Digital Concept Artist and Designer.

Alex “Redbeardead” Stodolnik

American Digital Illustrator and Painter.

Justin Sweet

Digital Illustrator and Painter.

Torsten Wolber

A German Illustrator who can paint with the computer like with Acrylics.

Feng Zhu

An American Concept Designer who has worked who has worked for Disney, ILM and other famous clients.

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