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Realistically Painted Bowser

Realistically Painted Bowser

Some weeks ago Pixeloo did his great untoonings of Mario and Homer. This inspired me to try something similar.

Like Pixeloo I also wanted to use Photoshop. But I didn’t wanted to use any Photos. I just wanted to paint the whole thing.

In Addition I not just wanted to lay a realistic texture over the original figure, but to rework the forms and proportions as well, to get the whole creature a more realistic look. This isn’t a untooning of bowser, it’s a redesign. How would he look like if he would be a real animal.

While I changed some of his proportions here and there I still wanted to keep his overall character. My redesign is a bowser who is a bit more slender with a narrower mouth that resembles a dinosaur. All this to give him a more realistic, faster and threatening look. I also took the original color scheme of Bowser and tried to convert it into some kind of realistic animal coloration.

For this picture I only used the Photoshop Brushtool (99% a simple round brush) and sometimes the smudge tool. I never used more than two layers at once, trying to work much like painting as possible.

A little bit about me

My name ist Marcus Blättermann.
I’m majoring in communication design and work as a freelancer for illustration, print- & webdesign.

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